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2024 Civic Literacy Curriculum Teacher Cohort

The 2024 Civic Literacy Cohort

Cohort Stats

  • 16 States Represented
  • 6 National Board Certified Teachers
  • 4 James Madison Fellows
  • 8 Teachers of the Year
  • 7 Teachers with ELA experience
  • 24  Master's Degrees
  • 5 Gifted Endorsements
  • 6 Special Education Experienced
  • 3 Home School Experienced
  • A  US Military Veteran

Early Childhood (K-2 Team)

Stefanie Kelly    Georgia
Rachel DeChristina    Arizona
Josie McClain    Arizona
Haley Smith    Arizona

Elementary (3-5) Team

Rebecca Helland    Iowa
Brandy Beam    Kentucky
VerGeshia Washington    Georgia
Debora Masker    Iowa
Roseanna Martinez    Arizona
Sanampret Gill    Ohio
Shelby Jones    Arizona
Donna Morris    Kentucky
Jennifer Brown    Kentucky
Chelsea Reynolds    Arizona
Morgan Routh    Arizona

Middle School Team

Rhonda Watton    Wisconsin
America Terrazas-Rainey    Texas
Amy Livingston    Virginia
Kristy James Kuehn    Arizona
Jamie Warner    New Jersey
Sheila Edwards    California

High School Team

Kevan Ottochian    New York
Craig Windt    Michigan
Brandon Westlake    Missouri
Belinda Cambre    Lousiana
Justin Glodowski    Wisconsin
Kyle Hardy    North Dakota
Ryan Werenka    Michigan

What is the Civic Literacy Curriculum?

The Civic Literacy Curriculum is a free resource for teaching and learning American civics that provides students with a deep knowledge of U.S. history and American civics. It contains over 100 free lessons, including the historical background, annotated primary texts, discussion prompts, and other tools to make it easy for teachers and students. Unlike most currently available civics programs that focus on action civics or civic engagement, the CLC focuses on civic knowledge, how the Constitution’s structure operates, and the founders' ideals underlying our system of government. The CLC is currently available solely in a format designed for an advanced high school level, but it has users in 39 U.S. states and territories.

"Without basic civic education, we cannot expect to preserve or improve our system of government"

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Cohort Lead and Project Contact

Faculty Lead