Academic Work & Research

Supporting Vital Research in American Political Thought and Constitutionalism

The Center for Political Thought and Leadership strives to further the understanding and development of American political thought and constitutionalism, broadly understood. This takes the form of supporting and editing publication outlets, pursuing special projects, and supporting individual scholars.

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Civic Education Initiatives

The Center for Political Thought and Leadership supports a number of public outreach programming and civic education initiatives intended to better the local and national community.

The Civic Leadership Institute

  • An intensive summer program for high school students with the potential to thrive in an academically challenging environment that replicates the college experience at Arizona State University.
  • This program is completely free and is intended for high-achievers with an interest in civics.

The Civic Literacy Curriculum

  • A free, online resource for educators and learners of all ages.
  • The curriculum was developed based on the United States Customs and Immigration Services' Naturalization Test and offers study guides, flashcards, informational videos, and section quizzes

Veterans Inspiring Patriotism

  • This program coordinates classroom and youth organization visits from vets to provide educational material on regarding American politics.
  • Our Veteran's Heritage Project also connects vets with youth that are interested in publishing their stories regarding their time of service.

Educating for American Democracy

  • An inquiry-based content framework for excellence in civic and history education for all learners that is organized by major themes and questions, supported by key concepts.
  • It offers a vision for the integration of history and civic education throughout grades K–12 to help bridge the polarization gap.

Journals & Resources

Faculty and students involved in the Center for Political Thought and Leadership regularly contribute to a number of academic and public journals, media outlets and more.

The Starting Points Journal

  • A journal that aims to foster an understanding of the principles of the American political tradition among academics and citizens in a non-partisan and interdisciplinary manner.

Compass: An Undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas

  • A platform for talented undergraduate writers with original and well-articulated insights on important ideas and issues relating to American democracy.

The Civic Classics Collection

  • An assortment of rare books and manuscripts including a first edition of The Federalist.
  • Collaborating with ASU’s Hayden Library to support civic education.

The Arizona Constitution Project

  • The first public resource created for the study of the state’s founding document.
  • Online access is available to Arizona residents, scholars, and history connoisseurs.