Civic Educator Spotlight: Tammy Morrow

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Tammy Morrow is a founding faculty member of Great Hearts Anthem, a Liberal Arts charter school, where she reads and discusses classical literature, philosophy, and American political oratory with high school students. She began her teaching career over 30 years ago and has worked in administration for several years as well. Currently Tammy is developing curriculum and instructional videos to help colleagues across the Great Hearts network teach the American political tradition, including the founding documents, landmark Supreme Court cases, and the classical works of the American literature. She agrees with C. S. Lewis who said, “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

Tammy Morrow smiling, wearing white shirt and striped blazer

Tammy joined us in Flagstaff for a week-long teacher institute this summer, and we found her to be thoughtful and inspiring, and are proud to spotlight her!

I found the lectures and the seminars at the workshops I attended with the Center for Political Thought and Leadership were extremely helpful. The lectures helped fill in gaps in my education about the Supreme Court. I also appreciated the fine work my colleagues are doing across the state. I am grateful to the professors who joined us in Flagstaff. They graciously shared their wisdom and knowledge with us.

There are so many great quotes. Here is a good quote for today. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” -Jesus. (It reminds me of Aristotle’s claim in The Nicomachean Ethics: “When people are friends, they have no need of justice.”)

-Tammy Morrow

EAD has given me some specific questions to ask as I plan lessons. For example, based on the questions in EAD and the conversations I had in Flagstaff, I expanded one lesson I taught. I often begin my 9th grade Humane Letters course with a seminar on the Great Seal. After attending CPTL workshops, I have expanded this lesson. Once the students have read The Declaration or Independence and The Constitution, they will return to the Great Seal and discuss how the ideas symbolized in the Seal are embodied in these founding documents. I will include this expanding version in the lesson guides I am developing for my Great Hearts colleagues across the network.