Civic Engagement Project Spotlight- Amanda Juvera

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Today, we spotlight Amanda Juvera, who participated in our Civic Leadership Institute.

Amanda Juvera standing in front of large water fountain

Amanda Juvera is a Desert Vista High School senior passionate about constitutional law and reproductive justice. She spends her time promoting the advancement of social studies courses and community service as President of her high school’s Rho Kappa Social Studies National Honor Society chapter and participating in the Guadalupe Teen Court to give restorative sentences to teens who have committed crimes. Her future plans consist of attending law school after undergrad and emerging as a constitutional lawyer to later become a judge. While young and optimistic, it is her dream to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Filled with enriching lectures and convoluted discussions, the Civic Leadership Institute was an enlightening experience that brought different perspectives and magnetic materials. Already zealous about constitutional law, the theme “Constitutional Rights and LIberties” only made me ecstatic for the thrilling week. My favorite part was preparing and participating in the moot court. Utilizing the information we learned from classes and fabricating our strategy was an enjoyable and enlightening learning experience. The Civic Leadership Institute only exacerbated my devotion to law and civic engagement. I would recommend anyone to apply for the upcoming summers.

"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable."

-Louis D. Brandeis

The opportunity to learn more about government and civic engagement was an automatic appeal, but what really stood out was the opportunity to make a difference in my community. Through the guidance of a mentor and various activities, I knew I would be able to make an impactful influence. There’s nothing I appreciate more than learning about my passions while making a change.

Grieving with others over the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade (1973), I felt it was under my authority to answer to the millions of women who ask: what rights do I have now? My project is focused on easily educating people, especially youth, on reproductive liberties given modern means. Through social media platforms such as Instagram, I plan to make posts ranging from Arizona Laws on Abortion to which candidates in this year’s midterm elections support these reproductive rights. The username is @reprorightsedu, with new posts weekly and my very first post coming soon. The use of Instagram will, hopefully, diffuse the information swiftly through younger generations since most aren’t eager to read articles, legislative actions, and research conducted by specialists. Additionally, I hope to get experts’ opinions on the current ambiguous abortion laws and what is in store for our future.

I hope to bring equality. With more people who have access to education, greater awareness is brought to the problem; in turn, more people can advocate and spread the message for our fundamental rights. Discussion on reproductive liberties is so stigmatized and controversial that it has been neglected. And when it arises, it has turned into nasty debates without points getting across. I hope to spread factual information to help people understand these notions. Additionally, it is a powerful tool for the opponents if our population is ignorant of our granted rights. Individuals must acknowledge their liberties so opponents don’t violate them.