The Three Sentence Summary

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In this episode and post, we talked to Dr. Luke Perez, an Assistant Professor at the School of Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University. He shares his method for creating a quick summary for anything from Federalist 10 to a 1000-page book! This precis method helps students develop a summary to understand their reading and develop questions. This method is accessible to middle grades and up!

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Structure of the Three Question Summary

Questions to ask as you read the document/book chapter/primary source:

What is the argument?

In one sentence, capture the argument being made. It can be the thesis statement from the author as well. “(Author) argues______” This is objective. 

How is it argued?

Explain the outline of the argument. “Argues this by….” This is objective. 

Why does it matter?

This part can show an understanding of lesson objectives and standards or assess the overall experience. It’s the internalization of the material and can help answer or create new questions. “This matters because….” This is subjective.

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Three Sentence Summary Podcast Episode