Civic Engagement Project Student Spotlight- Adya Sharma

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Today, we spotlight Adya Sharma, who participated in our Civic Leadership Institute.

Adya Sharma holding platter of candles next to yellow flowers

My name is Adya Sharma and I am a sophomore at Arizona School For the Arts. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona! I would describe myself as a hard-working extroverted individual. Public speaking and meeting new people interest me! I have joined many clubs such as Mock Trial and Model UN to discover what my future career path may be.  When I heard about the Civics Leadership Institute I was very excited. It was an opportunity to learn more about my constitutional rights and practice my public speaking. In the past year, I have found myself being interested in medicine and law. I have not made my final decision but I hope to within the next year.

The Civic Leadership Institute was an incredible experience for me. They had given me a really well-planned agenda and a chance to socialize with new people. We had a week-long camp at the Civics Leadership Institute, where we studied our rights and responsibilities. We discovered the power of vocal expression to convey our emotions. We discussed our opinions about the Constitution in-depth with mentors and professors during a number of open discussions.

I decided to work on the civic engagement project because I thought it would broaden my understanding of how to develop professionally. I had never been away from my family, so I was curious about how it would go. It was a lot of pleasure to experience living in a dorm. Additionally, I believe that I had a wonderful opportunity to meet new individuals. Sending your child to this camp will undoubtedly improve their communication skills and increase their understanding of their legal rights.

The way people think can be affected by their lack of awareness of culture and religion. The importance of virtues is similar to that of culture. The country’s founding fathers thought that virtue was crucial to citizenship since it stood on an equal footing with beliefs and principles. The way a person expresses their ideals and way of life is shaped by their virtues. The thirteen virtues listed by Benjamin Franklin represent the civic/social issues with cultural appropriation, frequent stereotyping, etc.

I made the decision to propose the concept of hosting a club and social events in order to address these societal issues. I can use social media to advertise my group and attract new members. The project’s main goal is to increase community involvement among Asians. The major objective of my project is to inform audiences about Asian cultural appropriation.

Respect, dignity, humility, justice, courage, and responsibility are values that support the idea of teaching audiences about Asian cultural appropriation. When discussing your culture, you may experience a sense of honor, morality, and courage. Along with the animosity that is developed toward Asians comes humiliation. Hosting events and clubs demonstrates responsibility and respect.

This project will impact the community in a positive manner as it will bring awareness to Asian Cultural Appropriation. In the future, I hope to promote my project on social media. I have a platform, and I will take advantage of it. 

I’m hoping to take advantage of a lot more opportunities to use my voice constructively after this project.  ASU activities are the best method to increase your awareness of the real world, I hope to be able to take part in more of them.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving"

-Albert Einstein