Inquiry Drives the 2018 Arizona History and Social Science Standards

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Children are curious creatures. They are full of questions from the moment they can talk- that is how they experience and learn about the world. Their favorite word is often why. Unfortunately, it is often the case that once these inquisitive learners enter their formal K-12 education, social studies class is reduced to a list of people, places, and events delivered by the teacher at a rapid pace to get through an often overly full curriculum. State standards often force teachers and students to go from Plato to Nato in the course of an academic year.

Student Spotlight, Armand Todoran

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Hello, my name is Armand Todoran. I am a straight A high school senior at Deer Valley High School. I am both a US and Romanian citizen, having lived 12 of my 17 years on this planet in the Eastern European country of Romania. I came to the United States about 3 and a half years ago, at the begging of my high school career. My passions are international affairs, photography, history, and philosophy. I dream of becoming a National Geographic Explorer/Photographer as I want to inspire and inform people with my work.

The Legacy of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

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On September 25, 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in as the first female Supreme Court Justice.

September 25. 2018: Governor Doug Ducey signed a proclamation making it Sandra Day O’Connor Day. The day-long celebration included constitution law presentations, roundtable discussions, and first-hand recollections of the state’s most famous member of the judiciary.